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Design processEdit

Through looking at the actual default wiki header in Fandom, one notices that it's starting to look outdated and even in odds with the new Fandom visual guidelines. The default Wiki Header has rounded corners and a double top border that, although it looked seemly a few years ago, now it has been left behind. Moreover, there are also some issues with the visual space. Currently, the header fills a great area of the body, probably too much. That's what has caused the arising of a need to design a less visually heavy header. One that is in harmony with the rest of the elements on Fandom.

The changes needed are pretty clear at this point: the interaction system between the fist and second level fields, currently embed into a "boxy" structure, has to be completely reimagined so as to creat a more fluid and lighter experience through using simple lines instead. No rounded corners, no double borders, just two simple lines and a bolder font.